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From the Desk of Troy West


Dear Friends,

My team and I at Lifestyle Financial Planning (LFP) have a very special offer for you for a limited time only.

We will work with you one-one one to develop a customized lifestyle plan to show you how to double, triple, or even quadruple your savings in as little as two weeks! Our goal is to make you so successful we can showcase your results in our next book that will be sold nationally.

You will not write a check for this

Here is why:

To start, we will meet together for an initial consultation and develop a strategic plan that will enable you save money IMMEDIATELY. During this time, we will inform you about secrets the government and big banks do not want you to know associated with The Retirement Myth, the branding of retirement by institutions to control your time and money until you are no longer needed, generally age 65 or so. In addition, you will learn ways how to effectively use your money and time in ways to overcome your top financial concerns and improve your lifestyle now.

(After doing this for over 10 years, we have gotten good at generating quick results).

In order to provide you insight as to what we do well, we will give you a copy of my chapter with Jack Canfield, who you may know from Chicken Soup for the Soul or The Secret, both of which sold millions of copies worldwide. This chapter will help you understand The Retirement Myth. In addition, you will also receive The Retirement Myth Video series as a bonus, valued at $5,997, absolutely free!

For your personal plan we will do most of the heavy lifting for you. After we show you how to save a lot more money, our goal is to help you make positive steps towards having financial security in just a couple weeks. After that, we will assist you to align time, money, and your passion. Eventually we will be working on optimizing the lifestyle you have always wanted.

That is why this is the Closest Thing to FREE MONEY you will ever see!

That’s why this is the Closest Thing to FREE MONEY you will ever see!

To start, we will schedule a time to discuss your financial concerns and lifestyle objectives. Together, we will assess your current snapshot and practices, identify challenges, and develop three or more steps that will make an immediate impact for your financial situation.

Once we have all your data, we will provide options to methodically move you towards financial security and a better lifestyle, starting with immediately increasing your savings. For example, we might show you how to

so you pay yourself more money instead of other people, how to leverage outside capital and money to grow your wealth instead of using your own money how to access money you did not know you had or improve your overall ability to pay down debt quicker, mitigate taxes, earn a higher income, and what you allocate money to that ALIGNS TO YOUR CORE VALUES, IS CONSISTENT WITH YOUR OBJECTIVES, AND GETS YOU THERE MUCH, MUCH FASTER.

9 out of 10 times if you earn an income or want to earn an income, we can improve your situation. We are bound to construct a plan for you quickly so you have positive steps toward the financial security and lifestyle you are looking for.

And like I said, there is no charge for this.

So why would you Offer it?

Simple, my team and I enjoy seeing you succeed. It is how we grow our tribe of people that improve our lifestyle instead of waiting for a day that may never come. 99 out of 100 people do not live a better lifestyle according to the US Bureau Labor of Statistics. That said, it is our calling, our mission, our purpose. We love sharing these incredible stories!

It is easy for us to get results fast, and we like doing just that.

Second of all, by you being able to save money, we grow our business. How? We have a number of services available to ensure you achieve your objectives, like go on more vacations, be financially secure, buy a new home or car, reduce college costs, spend more time with your friends and family, etc, etc. Does that make sense?

Here is how that works:

Assuming you are completely satisfied with the lifestyle plan we help you implement, you will probably be excited and want to continue working together long-term. That is our goal and where the real fun begins!


Look, I have been blessed to travel the world living my lifestyle and checking off bucket list activities the last 8 years. Doing a book with the legend Jack Canfield and delivering our message across the country has been a complete blessing.

I know we can improve your lifestyle to do incredible things! What we do works!

But I must also tell you this is NOT for everyone and it is why we ask you to please read this next part carefully.

In order for you to be successful working with us you must meet this criteria for us to proceed working together:

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1. You have to be motivated, committed, and open minded.

This offer is for people who want to run a lot faster and a lot farther than they are now.
So you need to have a REASON WHY that is big enough to want my team and I to work with you.

2. You must have a job or be willing to earn an income

Look we cannot help you save without your end of the stick. You give us more of you effort, the more options we can provide.

3. You MUST follow directions

After all, if you do not actually implement what we give you, your probability of success will be slim to none.

Here is what we want you to do next

If you believe you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to us personally about getting you incredible results, then we will happily   set time aside for you.Remember this is a limited time only. If you  want your customized plan, $5,997 worth of free videos, and my chapter about The Retirement Myth with Jack Canfield then please below to get started.

To Your Lifestyle Success,

Troy West

CEO and Founder of Lifestyle Financial Planning